You bring the quirk, we do the (tedious) work


Accounting for startups – your all-inclusive solution

So, you’ve got your Big Idea, and the creative drive to convert it to revenue and profits. But like most of our startup clients, we’re betting you need quite a bit of help with the nitty gritty of business process, funding and the accounting side of things. That’s where M+H Private come in. We’re Brisbane accountants specialising in comprehensive advice, support and accounting systems for your startup – right from your first steps through to resounding success.


Still paying a traditional accountant?

Newbie or up-and-running – wherever you are on your startup journey, the last thing you need is to rely on a standard, generalist accounting firm. Traditional business accountants simply aren’t geared to navigate the rapidly changing, complex intricacies of disruptive startup technologies. And they’re ill-equipped to help you with a clearly defined strategy, or outside the box funding opportunities. Plus if your accountant is still charging (heftily) by the hour – and not getting back to you straight away when you need fast, accurate answers - forget it!


We’re startup accountants on your wavelength

At M+H Private we’re not only totally up to speed with the practical complexities of startup finance and accounting. We can also offer you a specially tailored package, covering every aspect of your business, right from the beginning through to exit. Incorporating expert, practical advice and support, whenever you need it. In other words, we act as your virtual CFO, covering all your vital bases including:

Structure. We help you determine your goals, then establish the ideal foundation for successfully achieving them. A carefully devised framework will save you a huge amount of money and hassles in the long run.

Funding. We’ll guide you through the specialised maze of alternative startup funding, finance and tax options, and help you decide the best course for you. We’re experts in

  • Government grants and equity funding and management

  • Debt funding

  • Employee share option schemes

Plus for research and development tax offsets, we can provide you with access to our trusted R&D specialist partner firms.

Bookkeeping and payroll services if you need them.

And knowing how busy you are, we’re more than happy to come to you for your regular updates and advice. Altogether we deliver your all-inclusive, end to end solution, for a fixed monthly monthly fee, so you get zero surprises.


Let’s talk

If you’re after highly experienced startup accountants who are on the same page, call us at M+H Private for a no obligation chat on +61 7 3036 7174 today.