Enjoy the benefits of a SMSF - without the burdens


Specialist SMSF accountants for your retirement planning  

Whether you’re mid-career or getting close to retirement, if you’re considering the significant benefits –and complexities - of setting up a self managed super fund, you’ll almost certainly need expert help.  Brisbane’s M+H Private are highly experienced SMSF accountants who can fully guide and support you through every stage of your SMSF lifecycle. From set up to transition to retirement, through to your retirement pension phase, we’re with you every step of the way.    


What are the benefits of SMSFs?  

You’re probably already well aware of the benefits of a SMSF, but here’s a summation:

  • Control and transparency. With your SMSF you’re in command of your actual investments and how your fund is managed. You can keep close tabs on how your money is tracking, and tailor your investment strategies accordingly.

  • Investment choice. You have a wide range of investment options to choose from, including direct shares, term deposits, cash accounts, property, income investments, international markets, collectables, unlisted assets and more. This particularly suits if you have a special interest in, for example, the stock market. *

  • Flexibility. Your SMSF trustees can operate a mix of pension and accumulation accounts. And when super regulations, markets and your own circumstances change, you’re able to respond nimbly, tweaking your investment mix if you need to.

  • Tax. Income earned by the SMSF is concessionally taxed, making it one of the most (if not the most) tax effective structure available. Most super funds offer a tax-free pension when you retire. An SMSF provides flexibility when it comes to contributions,  allocations and the timing on the sale of a particular investment class. All these opportunities allow you to make strategic decisions to manage the tax you pay in your fund. There is, of course a lot more to optimising SMSF tax returns than this – our M+H SMSF specialists will expertly guide you through the maze.

  • Borrowing. The SIS Act allows you to borrow within an SMSF to acquire a single asset, for example a commercial or residential property. The commercial property could even be leased to a related business. There is of course a myriad of rules and regulations to navigate when structuring borrowing to acquire such an investment – best to let us advise you on this.

  • Cost-effectiveness. Your SMSF becomes more and more cost-effective as it grows, especially in relation to the usually higher fees charged by retail super funds. Your costs will include an audit and annual financial statements and tax return, and fees for professional support. (When you partner with M+H you’ll simply pay fixed monthly fee, with no surprises or end of year add-ons.)

  • Estate planning. Transferring wealth to the next generation can be tricky. There are benefits available to ensure your wealth is transferred to a beneficiary in a tax effective manner.


How about the downsides?  

Properly executed and serviced, self managed super funds are great. But they do, of course, have their complexities and risks. Important considerations include your compliance responsibilities, insurance and ongoing cost-effectiveness. Not to mention related issues such as wealth transference, asset protection, investment borrowings, and more.


Let us handle the boring bits

At M+H Private we want you to enjoy your life, your aspirations and your retirement dreams. While we seamlessly and comprehensively manage all the tedious but vital nitty gritty of your SMSF administration and compliance. We can partner with you to create your structure and strategy, then constantly ensure you stay on track. Providing you with unlimited advice and support, whenever you need it. Our dedicated team of SMSF specialists and consultants can help you with:

  • SMSF administration + audit

  • Succession + estate planning

  • Access to our trusted financial planning partners

All for a cost-effective fixed monthly fee. You won’t get any surprises, or any end of year add-ons, with M+H Private.


Let’s talk

If you want all the benefits - minus the downsides – of a well-run, profitable self managed super fund, get in touch with our M+H Private experts today. Call us in Brisbane for a no-obligation chat on +61 7 3036 7174.


* M+H Private are not licensed financial advisors. We cannot advise you on specific investments.