Startup Funding – funding the next big thing?

So you’ve got the idea, the smarts and the motivation but there is that one missing piece to get that great idea of yours to the next level or even of the ground – the $$!

Funding start up or early stage business opportunities can be difficult to crack and you may have heard of and considered the likes of venture capital, angel investment, debt funding, and even considered tapping friends and family on the shoulder and more.

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StartupsJames Hoeft
Are you part of the one percenters?

Is a Learjet or Gulfstream your preferred method of transport?

If so, listen up – we have some important changes to tell you about. If not, keep reading – it might only be a matter of time until they are. Who are you?

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James Hoeft
A Labor win - your loss?

With Liberal frontbenchers across Australia falling on their swords and Bill Shorten licking his lips, Labor are expected to romp home in the 2019 Australian Federal Election. A Winx-like victory if ever there was one - albeit a whole lot less entertaining.

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Tax, SMSFJames Hoeft
The FFS of Property Development… feasibility, funding & structuring

We’re sure you’re aware that in today’s climate making money out of property development can be tough. Plus the uncertainty surrounding the banking royal commission and the looming federal election have only added to the complexities, making the property industry a nightmare if you’re not fully armed with the right information. So here’s a guide to property development, to help you choose a profitable path.

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PropertySibylle Marxgut
ESIC tax incentives for angel investors

Considering investing in an early stage investment company (ESIC)? Or maybe you’re a potential startup wondering about ESIC tax incentives. Either way, here’s a brief rundown on both ESIC tax incentives and the qualifications for ESIC eligibility itself.  

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TaxJames Hoeft
Need Cash for Growth?

The QLD government have two grant programs worth looking at:

  1. Applications for the Accelerate Small Business Grant is closing 5pm 27 March 2018 – Grants of up to $10K

  2. The Business Growth Fund – a new program that kicks off on 28 March 2018 and provides upfront payments of $50K.

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Has the crypto bubble burst or will it bounce back? Either way… what are taxation implications of the virtual gains (or losses) you may have realised?

Late last year the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) published its guidance on the taxation treatment of crypto-currencies, specifically Bitcoin.

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The Debt Diet

With the new year upon us, many set personal goals, typically around health and wellbeing. Keeping with the theme… financial health and wellbeing should remain a focus for businesses alike.

The Debt Diet, like any good diet, aims to remove the bad debts and replace them with good debts. This is achieved through regular review of the debt/funding adequacy deployed in a business at each stage of its life cycle. As is often the case, businesses are either carry too much bad debt (fats), incorrect of debt/funding structure (poor diet) or both.  

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